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Young Journalists Scholarship

A group of ten Young Journalists was invited to report on this year’s High Level Meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership. They successfully produced various press releases, photos, videos, twitter messages, and stories for their home outlets. We would like to thank: Tapang Ivo Tanku, Peter Kahare, Manuel Heckel, Lou del Bello, Peter Labeja, Roderick Macleod, Paul Monde Shalala, Wendy Agbo, Maximilien Tiogang Djomo et Soraia Ramos for their passionate work and extensive coverage on the conference.

Press Releases
by Young Journalists

Reforming Sectors Key to Spurring Renewable Energy Growth
13 Feb 2014

English, PDF 168 kB

Energy challenges and opportunities facing Europe and Africa in the 21st Century
13 Feb 2014

English, PDF 151 kB

Empowering Africa — AEEP-Status Report highlights first achievements and triggers further tasks
13 Feb 2014

English, PDF 165 kB
français, PDF 197 kB

Energy experts at AEEP conference: Mini-grid policy toolkit to inform and inspire policy frameworks for investment in mini-grids
12 Feb 2014

English, PDF 111 kB
français, PDF 196 kB

Energy experts refer to the civil society’s role as being “strategic” for the promotion of renewable energies in Africa
11 Feb 2014

English, PDF 198 kB
français, PDF 196 kB

  • Austrian Development Cooperation, Republic of Austria
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, Republic of Mauritius
  • Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia