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Stories on the Ground

A Cameroonian livestock farmer adopting biogas technology

Rural electrification and renewable energy will be important topics for this year’s High Level Meeting.

This photo is a contribution by Mr Maximilien Tiogang Djomo, participant of the Young Journalists Programme for the 2nd AEEP HLM from Cameroon, showing a Cameroonian livestock farmer adopting biogas technology. We thank Mr Tiogang Djomo, who profits from his significant experience in photojournalism and French-speaking reporting, for his support for the upcoming event.

A solar powered phone charging station in Garoua-Boulai, Cameroon

The implementation of renewable energy sources in the African countries has been defined an important objective of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership. It will be a key issue of the HLM.

This photo has been submitted to us by Mr Tapang Ivo Tanku from Cameroon, participating in the Young Journalists Programme for the High Level Meeting. We thank him for his contribution and the fact that he is willing to support us with his practical experience on environmental aspects in the NGO sector and his multimedia skills.

Wind Farm Kenya

Opportunities for wind energy will be of relevance for the HLM’s sub-events on renewable energy in Africa.

We have been provided with this photo by Mr Peter Kahare, Kenya, who is showing us a wind farm at Ngong Hills in Kajiado County in his home country. Mr Kahare will be a participant of the Young Journalists Programme of the HLM, looking back on a long-standing experience in freelance coverage of renewable energy issues.

Multi media

Video: “Black Out - Ikota Community in Dire Need”

Finding a way to wide-spread electrification of the African continent will be one of the core objectives of this year’s HLM.

The Nigerian participant in our Young Journalists Programme, Ms Wendy Agbo (TVC News), reporting on the Second High Level Meeting (HLM) of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, kindly provided us with this video about the lack of electricity supply in the Ikota Community. We are very thankful for Ms Agbo’s contribution and look forward to the Meeting, expecting fruitful discussions and far-reaching decisions.

Audio: “Financing Energy Development in Uganda and Kenya”

Investments in energy projects will be central to a large number of HLM sub-events.

We have been provided with this sound file by Mr Peter Labeja, Young Journalists Programme participant and reporter on environmental and energy topics from Uganda. In this sample from his weekly radio report, Mr Labeja informs about the current developments in Uganda’s energy sector, comparing it with the neighboring country Kenya. We are looking forward to benefitting from Mr Labeja’s insights on the Ugandan case.

Audio Slideshow: “Energy in mid-air”

It will be of be of great importance for the HLM’s participants to have a look into further long-term opportunities in the renewable energy sector, especially relating to small-scale production on the ground.

This audio slideshow on “Energy in mid-air” has been sent to us by the Young Journalists Programme scholar Ms Lou Del Bello from Italy. Ms Del Bello has shown skills for media coverage through various channels and we are thanking her for supporting us during the HLM with her scientific focus on energy topics.

  • Austrian Development Cooperation, Republic of Austria
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, Republic of Mauritius
  • Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia