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Day 3: 13 February 2014

08:00 am Registration

AUC main conference entrance

09:00 am
Welcome Statement

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

09:30 am
Message from the Co-Chairs

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

AEEP Trailer

10:00 am
Keynote Address and Inspirational Message

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

10:15 am Group Photo Session for Ministers

Followed by

Ministerial Press Conference with the Media and Young Journalists

Venue: Media Briefing Room


10:45 am
High Level Segment I
“Measuring Success” – Achievements of Africa-EU Cooperation in the Energy Sector

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

Panellists mention and discuss “what has been achieved”, highlighting major commitments and actions implemented since the 1st High Level Meeting in 2010.

11:45 am
High Level Segment II
“The Chrystal Ball” – Energy Challenges and Opportunities Facing Europe and Africa in the 21st Century

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

Panellists discuss “what needs to be done”, i.e. the major challenges and opportunities Africa and Europe will face in the coming decades, as well as related issues at a global level.

Setting the stage

  • Ms. H.E. Maria van der Hoeven
    Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA)



12:45 pm Lunch

2:15 pm
High Level Segment III
“The Toolbox” – Taking action, mobilizing commitment, and coordinating efforts towards the AEEP and SE4All targets

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

Panellists discuss “how to go about it”, i.e. the concrete actions to be taken, bringing together the contributions from the various partners, including the challenge of managing complexity, maintaining coherence, and realizing synergies.



3:15 pm
Business and Policy Leaders Round Table

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

At the round table, panellists will discuss on how to improve cooperation between the policy and the business sector in order to attract and substantially accelerate private investments with a view to meet the AEEP targets by 2020.

Setting the stage

  • Mr. Adnan Amin
    Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)


4:45 pm Coffee

5:15 pm
Presentation and Adoption of Addis Ababa Declaration

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall

AEEP Co-Chairs: Mr. Aboubakari Baba Moussa (AUC) and Mr. Franz Marré (BMZ)

5:45 pm
Young Journalists – Impressions from the second AEEP HLM

Photo impressions and/or video edited by young journalists throughout the conference

6:00 pm
Concluding Remarks

6:30 pm Cocktail Reception

Venue: AUC Headquarters

Courtesy of African Union Commission (AUC)

  • Austrian Development Cooperation, Republic of Austria
  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, Republic of Mauritius
  • Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia